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Memorial created 03-21-2015 by
Alycia Carney
Kaitlyn Rose Carney
April 30 1995 - February 22 2014

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Kaitlyn Rose, whose life story is told throughout this website.

Together we will remember Kaitlyn forever.

So many of Kaitlyn's friends & family members have received signs from Katie in heaven. And our family heard so many amazing stories during her services from all of the lives she touched.  Her online memorial from the funeral home was beautiful, and full of condolences.  It only stayed online for one year, so now we have this one that can be personalized, and also has room for her signs from heaven, and ways we are all remembering her now.  We hope everyone shares their stories & signs from Kaitlyn on it. 

LHHS Captain
At the Titanic in Ireland
Written by Kaitlyn. March 21, 2011 Mrs. Gaffey
Class of 2013

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